If you need an PDF library, wich converts an HTML document to a PDF you need a library. There are a lot of libraries on the market, but only a few wich are free and open source. In my projects i used the DinkToPdf library, wich is a wrapper for the webkit engine (the chrome engine) for c#/.Net Core. The library needs as dependency the wkhtmltopdf library, wich you need to add manually. 

If you doesn’t want do the extra work and want a package wich will do everything for you, i have found the library DinkToPdfIncludesDependencies, wich includes the DinkToPdf library and the wkhtmltopdf library, so you only need to add this nuget package and you are fine. I had only on linux os problems with this library and must add the wkhtmltopdf library for linux manually, but on windows this library should work fine.

I have used the library to generate quickly a pdf from an HTML webpage. Here is an example from an .net core webapplication. Method in a controller:

        /// <summary>
        /// Get report pdf.
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="configId"/>Config guid.
        /// <returns>Content.</returns>
        public IActionResult Pdf(Guid configId)
            string sercret = this.configuration["PdfSettings:PdfSecret"];
            var doc = new HtmlToPdfDocument()
                GlobalSettings =
                ColorMode = ColorMode.Color,
                Orientation = Orientation.Portrait,
                PaperSize = PaperKind.A4,
                DocumentTitle = "PDF Report",
                Margins = new MarginSettings() { Top = 10 },
                Objects =
                new ObjectSettings()
                    Page = $"{this.Request.Scheme}://{this.Request.Host}/timeline/Reporting/Show/" + sercret + "/" + configId.ToString(),

            byte[] pdf = this.converter.Convert(doc);
            return this.File(pdf, "application/pdf", DateTime.Now.ToLocalTime() + " Report.pdf");

I hope you enjoy the library.