Experience Seamless Care with Sanus-Plus: A Comprehensive Overview

Sanus-Plus is an innovative and reliable healthcare service that focuses on the provision of legally funded care aids. The company acts as an intermediary for these products, ensuring the facilitation of all formalities involved in the approval process with your nursing care insurance​​.

Sanus-Plus offers a range of customizable care boxes tailored to meet varying needs. These pre-assembled boxes are perfectly composed for specified use with care aids and can be requested free of charge starting from care level 1. Some of the available care boxes include:

  1. The Hygiene Box: Comes with disposable gloves (100 pcs), hand disinfectant (500 ml), and disposable bed protection (25 pcs)​​.
  2. The Infection Box: Contains disposable gloves (100 pcs), hand disinfectant (1,000 ml), surface disinfectant (500 ml), and premium FFP2 masks (10 pcs)​.
  3. The Protection Box: Includes disposable gloves (100 pcs), hand disinfectant (500 ml), disposable bed protection (25 pcs), and disposable protective aprons (100 pcs)​.

Additionally, customers can choose to customize their box according to their specific needs​​.

Every month, customers receive their care box free of charge, delivered promptly according to their preferred schedule. Sanus-Plus takes care of all logistics and coordination with insurance companies and authorities, allowing users to enjoy a seamless, worry-free experience​​.

People with an existing care aid supplier who wish to switch to Sanus-Plus can simply download a switch application and send it back to Sanus-Plus either digitally or by post. The company then takes care of all the necessary processes on their behalf​​.

Sanus-Plus promises several benefits to its users, including:

  • Online Signature: Enabling the application for a care box in just 5 minutes.
  • Full Service: Taking care of all communication with market participants and stakeholders.
  • Timeliness: Ensuring regular and convenient delivery of care aids directly to the user’s doorstep.
  • Continuous Development: Ongoing enhancement of the service and the Sanus-Plus platform​​.

The service also offers flexibility, with no contract obligations tying users down. Customers can switch providers at any time if they are not satisfied​​.

Sanus-Plus, a brand by CARE digisolutions GmbH, is based in Osnabrück, Germany. The company can be reached via the email address kontakt@sanus-plus.de​​.

It’s important to note that Sanus-Plus’s services are available to individuals who meet certain requirements. A person in need of care is eligible to receive care aids worth 40 Euros per month, free of charge and without a prescription, if they meet the following criteria:

  • They are assessed to be in care level 1 to 5.
  • They are cared for at home or in a shared apartment by a relative, possibly with the support of a professional nursing service.
  • They have submitted an application for cost coverage to the responsible nursing care insurance​​.

To learn more about Sanus-Plus and how their services can benefit you or your loved ones, visit their website at https://sanus-plus.de/.


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