How I Start Developing with C# and VS Code

If you’re looking to dive into the world of C# development and prefer using VS Code as your IDE, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the steps I took to get started with C# development using Visual Studio Code.

Step 1: Install Visual Studio Code

The first step is to download and install Visual Studio Code on your machine. You can find the installation package for your operating system on the official Visual Studio Code website.

Step 2: Install the C# Extension

Once you have Visual Studio Code installed, you’ll need to install the C# extension to enable C# development within the IDE. Open Visual Studio Code, go to the Extensions view by clicking on the square icon on the left sidebar, and search for ‘C#’. Click on the ‘C#’ extension by Microsoft and click the install button.

Step 3: Set Up .NET Core

To develop C# applications, you’ll need the .NET Core framework installed on your machine. Visit the official .NET website and download the latest version of .NET Core compatible with your operating system. Follow the installation instructions provided by Microsoft.

Step 4: Create a New C# Project

Now that you have all the necessary tools installed, it’s time to create your first C# project. Open Visual Studio Code and click on the ‘View’ menu, then select ‘Terminal’ to open the integrated terminal. In the terminal, navigate to the directory where you want to create your project.

Next, use the following command to create a new C# project:

dotnet new console

This command will create a new console application project in a folder with the same name as the project.

Step 5: Write and Run Your Code

With your project set up, you can now start writing your C# code. Open the project folder in Visual Studio Code, and you’ll see the project files in the Explorer view on the left sidebar.

Open the ‘Program.cs’ file, which is the entry point for your console application. You can start writing your code in the ‘Main’ method. As you type, you’ll notice that Visual Studio Code provides helpful suggestions and code completion.

To run your code, open the integrated terminal again by going to the ‘View’ menu and selecting ‘Terminal’. Use the following command to build and run your application:

dotnet run

Your application will compile and execute, and you’ll see the output in the terminal.

Step 6: Explore C# Features

C# is a powerful programming language with a rich set of features. As you progress in your C# development journey, take the time to explore and learn about the different features and concepts.

Visual Studio Code provides great support for C# development, including features like debugging, code formatting, and refactoring. Take advantage of these tools to improve your productivity and code quality.


Getting started with C# development using Visual Studio Code is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you’ll have a solid foundation to start building C# applications using the powerful combination of C# and VS Code.

Remember to practice regularly, experiment with different code examples, and leverage the vast C# community resources available online. Happy coding!





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