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  • An alternative for github

    An alternative for github

    If you are looking for a good alternative for github, you should give gitea a try. If you need private repositories or your company have many repositories, you need an payed account at github.com.

  • You can hire me!

    You can hire me!

    If you search for a professional software developer, you have found one! On this page you can look what i can, wich are my skills and projects i have done. Don’t forget the to checkout the company page. I will see you at a new interesting project!

  • PHP PDO jQuery AJAX Example

    PHP PDO jQuery AJAX Example

    I have found a very nice tutorial, how to use PHP, PDO, jQuery and the ajax technology to create, edit and delete records on a database table. I have copied the script and had make an online demo page from this project. Its like my own German article how to use PHP and Ajax to…