Category: Interesting Libraries

  • .Net Core PDF Library from HTML (DinkToPdf)

    .Net Core PDF Library from HTML (DinkToPdf)

    If you need an PDF library, wich converts an HTML document to a PDF you need a library. There are a lot of libraries on the market, but only a few wich are free and open source. In my projects i used the DinkToPdf library, wich is a wrapper for the webkit engine (the chrome…

  • jQuery/Javascript Grid: Gridster

    jQuery/Javascript Grid: Gridster

    I have found a very nice jQuery extension with the name gridster. With gridster you can make dynamic grids on a webpage, very useful for applications and sortable grids. The grids can be added with javascript or HTML. With one single line of code you can initialize a gridster grid.

  • A propertygrid for javascript: jq PropertyGrid

    A propertygrid for javascript: jq PropertyGrid

    I have found a useful jQuery Plugin to show very fast a javascript object as a form. Its jqPropertyGrid, you can easily show an object with one line of code:  $(‘#property-grid’).jqPropertyGrid(, options); I have used the plugin to show fast and easy options for my form editor. Its pretty simple and makes it a lot…